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acupuncture treatment in Dunkerton IowaAcupuncturists are homeopathic professionals who use principles of TCM to help the body relax and to treat certain conditions as well. Dunkerton Iowa acupuncturists can efficiently relieve the symptoms of conditions like stress, headaches, arthritis and even asthma, and if you think about becoming a professional acupuncturist and getting a job in a specialized center you must know that you usually need a board certification or an undergraduate degree, along with all the necessary skills and experience that are required for this job.

What Training Does One Need To Become An Acupuncturist

In addition to the formal practical and theoretical training that will be the foundation of your career as an acupuncturist, you also need to possess great limb coordination along with steady, accurate hands. As a future homeopathic professional, you should know that knowledge in fields like anatomy and physiology is essential, and so is certification or Bachelor’s Degree.

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acupuncture treatment in Dunkerton

acupuncture treatment in Dunkerton

The average training period required for acupuncturists is of two years, and at the end of the training you will get your certification from the American Board of Medical Acupuncture or from AAMA.

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Throughout the course length, you will learn more about the basics of Chinese medicine, you will thoroughly study the principles of acupuncture and after three or four years of study, you will eventually graduate and get your degree. In spite of the fact that acupuncture is not legal in all US states, you will get to practice it in the states where it is legal right after you pass the national certification exam and you get your license.

Acupuncture Job Description And Salary

If you work in a hospital or any other large setting where you are visited by tens of patients on a weekly basis, then your average yearly salary can exceed $100,000. Regarding the job description, it must be mentioned that the duty of the Dunkerton Iowa acupuncturist goes beyond inserting the properly cleaned and disinfected needles into the body, as this also involves examining the respiratory rate and the abdominal sounds of the patient, as well as paying attention to other signs and symptoms that may indicate a more serious disease before moving on to the acupuncture session.

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